In Brazil, due to its continental dimensions with several universities distant from major research centers, many early career researchers end up distancing themselves from their original research groups. This often hinders the development of their research and, consequently, their ongoing professional career. For this reason, some early career researchers decided to create an appropriate framework to share research results, thus giving rise to the “Brazilian Congress of Young Researchers in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics - CBJME”.

Therefore, the main objective of this event is to promote the collaboration between young researchers (PhD students and recent PhD graduates) on mathematics and/or statistics around the country, helping the development of these areas and strenghtening the graduate programs.

The third edition will take place between December 12 and 14, 2018, on Curitiba-PR, and is being jointly organized by the mathematics and statistics departments of the Federal University of Paraná - UFPR and the Federal Technologic University of Paraná - UTFPR.